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  1. Talomir Mirotal

    Mail Bot Plus: bulk sender, email generator, pass bruteforcer

    Good day in this thread, in wich i point you out to my last project: Mail Bot Plus plugin for the CyberFile file manager. Mail Bot Plus is full-set spam solution, all-in-one spam package, wich target task of email marketing. This free application for windows can next things: - Send emails in...
  2. Talomir Mirotal

    Cheat sites visit bot-farm for google top promotion $25

    Good day in my another thread. I sell own bot-farm, simple 4-window application for windows, to cheat sites visits imitating site views from different internet addresses via tor. - Promote site, forum post or youtube film to google top imitating it's popularity via large number of visits -...
  3. n9ine

    Twitch follow bot by nightfallgt

    This tool automates following a desired Twitch channel Tutorial: To get oAuth tokens you can use the converter in the tool. Simply paste the Twitch accounts you want to convert to oAuth tokens in username:password format in "config/convert.txt". The output tokens can be found in...

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