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  1. CEO

    Console and Web Interfaces with PHP

    Introduction This tutorial will cover the basics of creating, deploying and using PHP based console applications. This will not provide you with language support (I will not be teaching PHP fundamentals). This is an intermediate level tutorial. Console vs. Web If you don't know, you can run PHP...
  2. CEO

    Laravel Tutorial 2: Middleware

    This is a continuation of the previous Laravel tutorial and will use the same project from the previous tutorial(s). If you have not been following along you may not get as much use out of this as other readers, meaning of course, user experience may vary. Also note that this is aimed at users...
  3. CEO

    Getting Started with Laravel (without Docker)

    Install composer The following command will install the composer installer using curl. curl -sO >installer Next, create a directory named bin and then run the following command. php installer --install-dir=bin --filename=composer Now we can use the...
  4. CEO

    Tutorial Laravel Tutorial 1: Intro to Routing

    Laravel Tutorial 1: Intro to Routing06-02-2022, 11:22 PM #1 In the previous tutorial we installed Laravel and got it up and running. In this tutorial we will cover Routing in laravel. Don't forget to serve the application with php artisan serve when trying to visit the URL's. What is Routing...
  5. plans

    CodingGame- Games For Programmers

    Hey, guys. I just want to show you a platform where you can improve your coding skills and have fun at the same time. There are any type of challenges. There exists a "Clash of Code" option, where you can challenge others in real time and sometimes there are constests where you can win prizes by...

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