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  1. Bláck Stár

    BinaryProtectors Hacked (nursery operation)

    Together with @jackaL , we carried out a huge hacking activity after a short work. This is how we scribble 1990 fun: They suffered a cost loss of close to 10 thousand dollars INSHALLAH this will be a lesson to them.
  2. n9ine

    Announcements Alert ! INVITATION & MEMBERSHIPS 1.10.2022

    Hello dear criminalz members! As of today, as the new admin, I'm thinking of bringing very, very different things for the criminalz forum. As soon as we reach 2500 members, the invitation system will be started! From now on, the credit system will be switched to. Doing this will upset...
  3. jackaL

    [Express VPN] ✅⭐️ X2

    [email protected]:Purespace123 [email protected]:Brooklyn24$
  4. jackaL

    Biaheza DropShipping - 6GB GUIDE + BONUS

    Learn how the DROPSHIPPING business works.
  5. jackaL

    Andrew Tate - Money making guide

    Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5...
  6. jackaL

    x2 https SHELL - WebShellOrb 2.6
  7. drake

    New bypass PyPal Method / HQ DuckDuckGO Method 2022

    This is a complete guide on how to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification in different ways using Mobile phones! Alternative Ways to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification Challenge! How To Bypass Paypal Security Check! 1. Download DUCKDUCKGO Browser. 2. Disable Wifi -> Use LTE/4g. 3. Go to...
  8. drake

    Unlimited DDOS attack & unlimited VPS /Private

    Evet Arkadaşlar. İlk olarak VPS Server alacağımız websiteye gidiyoruz. Linklerini aşağıda vericem merak etmeyin. Siteye girdiğimizde sağ üstteki üç çizgiye basıp "sing up" yazan yere tıklıyoruz. İsim soy isim sallayıp geçin mail kısmına kullandığınız bir mail yazın çünkü doğrulama yapicaz...
  9. drake

    Priv8 ShellFinder 2022 ( Clean )

    [Updated] Fox RSF V2 Private [New] Full Crack & Clean Easy Get SMTP, SHELL, CP, WP [ ✓ ] Pass : 666 [+] Install python 2.7.14 ( Add to path ) Python Release Python 2.7.14 The official home of the Python Programming Language [+] Install Modules python -m pip install requests python -m pip...
  10. Bláck Stár

    x5 Cpanel|therfxzg5vxy|Ilovegodaddy#1|destaq89|249zWJrjj2|mint9229|zar7rNufUGkv98|pablop17|Ypqt13K39k...
  11. n9ine

    Design x2 Criminalz graphic design

  12. n9ine

    Design 5 Adet CriminalZ Grafik Çalışması

  13. teemo

    14.6K IPTV
  14. CriminaL

    Design Burası CriminalZ çalışması

  15. jackaL

    Discord | Friend Request Bomber & Spammer 2022-07-05

    HQ tool, no proxies required. I made this tool in a couple of minutes. VirusTotal 🔗
  16. jackaL

    Design Code Book - CriminalZ

    Code Book & Code Home Çok yaknda sizlerle !
  17. jackaL

    Design Join Us! CriminalZ

  18. jackal.txt.png


    Sleep , Sex , CriminalZ , Repeat.
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    search google hack orum.png

    Hack Forum & Crack Forum search google
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    All about hacking & cracking

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