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  1. HenryKodez

    Bitcoin JavaScript Exploit v1 (New Method) September 2 2022 [Free Digital Items]

    Hello criminalz! I created this script and found the exploit. This is the first time ever sharing these details with anybody. I will remove the links in 24 hours. https://anonfiles.com/5cx91f66y4/SeptemberG2AExploit_pdf If the above link doesn't work you can try the link below...
  2. tanyabatte

    coding New!! Free Amazon Giftcard (Javascript Injection) Tutorial 2022

    This is probably the best instructions you can find on the internet about this javascript exploit. It basically uses simple javascript injection to trick the processor into giving you free shit. Its alil more indepth then that but im just giving you a rough idea what this does. You actually...
  3. drake

    Priv8 ShellFinder 2022 ( Clean )

    [Updated] Fox RSF V2 Private [New] Full Crack & Clean Easy Get SMTP, SHELL, CP, WP [ ✓ ] Pass : 666 [+] Install python 2.7.14 ( Add to path ) Python Release Python 2.7.14 The official home of the Python Programming Language [+] Install Modules python -m pip install requests python -m pip...
  4. youngbull2

    G2A.com Bitcoin Refund JavaScript Exploit (not what you think)

    this isn't that bullshit scam thing you see everywhere. This was created by a member from LizardSquad and purchased privately from that individual then leaked to the owners of stake.com Eddie Miroslav So the owner of stake also owns stake.vin and i was running a web scanner on his domain and i...

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