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g2a.com method

  1. youngbull2

    G2A.com Bitcoin Refund JavaScript Exploit (not what you think)

    this isn't that bullshit scam thing you see everywhere. This was created by a member from LizardSquad and purchased privately from that individual then leaked to the owners of stake.com Eddie Miroslav So the owner of stake also owns stake.vin and i was running a web scanner on his domain and i...
  2. jackaL

    Yabancıların Ücretli Sattığı Gift Card Method G2A.COM

    Arkadaşlar methodu denedim gayet güzel çalışıyor 190 dolara yakın çekim yaptım hediye kartlarını satmak için paxful.com sitesinden yararlanabilirsiniz böyle methodları kıskanmaya gerek yok özellikle bu forum için armağan olsun :)...

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