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  1. drake

    Hackingtools - ALL IN ONE Hacking Tool For Hackers v1.1.0

    ~ Anonymously Hiding Tools ~ Information gathering tools ~ Wordlist Generator ~ Wireless attack tools ~ SQL Injection Tools ~ Phishing attack tools ~ Web Attack tools ~ Post exploitation tools ~ Forensic tools ~ Payload creation tools ~ Exploit framework ~ Reverse engineering tools ~ DDOS Attack...
  2. drake

    SpyMax [Android RAT] [Updated] v2.0

    Not much to say about this leak. Not the best but still a great Android RAT made my scream. Like always make sure to open this on a VM or Sandbox environment and enjoy! Screenshots: Features: - File manager - SMS manager - Call manager - Contacts manager - Location manager - Account...
  3. n9ine

    Dork Searcher V3.0 Bing by Sir Alidadi

    ? Dork Searcher V3.0 ⚪️ Fixed version ⚪️ Improve app performance ⚪️ Speeded up the program virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/588f9e40bf7a2dcd714ff95d95569f808bd12dac80a74fe6af1fb134f9a1efc7/detection
  4. jackaL

    Discord | Friend Request Bomber & Spammer 2022-07-05

    HQ tool, no proxies required. I made this tool in a couple of minutes. VirusTotal 🔗https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/122b82213b98a5d4aa4c2c1eeadf7aaf7c51ce09d0ceb1a458f6f41f0a4ab66c?nocache=1
  5. n9ine

    mip22 pshing Tool 2022-06-18

    Bu tool sosyal mühendislik tooludur icinde tum sosyal medya icin araclar mevcuttur ngrok ve localhostla calisir kali ve termux icindir kurulumu cok basit ve kullanisli bir tooldur gelelelim tolumuzun Kurulumuna Sudo su git clone GitHub - makdosx/mip22: mip22 is a advanced phishing tool cd...

    Mass Site Grabber V2

    tool python3 çalışıyor toolumuza geçelim. Virüs Total
  7. jackaL

    Sms Boomer Hack Tool 2022-06-03

    Anlatıma gerek yoktur diye düşünüyorum Combo random bi combo girin proxy socks4 olursa hq daha güzel verim alırsınız yok ise no da atın
  8. jackaL

    Dork Searcher CR7 v2.0 [NEW 2K21] v2.0

    ?‍? Coder: CRYP70 <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> ?Description: Dorks Searcher EZ New Version with many improvements along with all search engines fixed ✏️How to use? Tutorial soon...
  9. jackaL

    ☄️PROXY CHECKER☄️ ☘️FREE☘️ ⚡️1000/MINUTE⚡️ ⚙️[PC1]⚙️

    Keep in mind that this is a free tool and therefore it's a bit unpolished but hey, it works. Requirements prior to using the software: .1. Create an empty folder. .2. Remove duplicate proxies/lines. .3. Split the proxies you want to check into .txt files (499 Lines MAX each). Tutorial: How...
  10. jackaL

    Giftcard checker for every site!

    GIFTCARD GENERATOR + CHECKER Works with voucher codes and Bruteforce ANY Giftcard with a simple webscript *NO DOWNLOAD* *REALLY HIGH CPM* I had this script for a while now, and i decided to share it with all of you. I haven't coded the script, I'm just sharing it. I'm not responsible for any...
  11. jackaL

    TikTok Share Bot By Arabe 2022-04-21

  12. n9ine

    Shellfinder Python 2022-04-18

    Use it in pc or linux or u can use in root extract it with zip access directory with command prompt type python shellfinder.py its ask for website which u wana attack www.urtarget.com press enter its automatic scan shell and save it found.txt
  13. jackaL

    M0n3y Usb Stealer 1.0

    Sizlere kendi yaptığım usb stealerı göstermek istedim, Not : M0N3Y sadece windows platformunda çalışabilmekte çünkü bat ile yazıldı. M0NE3Y şunları yapabilmekte ; -Kayıtlı modem şifrelerini çalma, -ip config çıktısı alma, -Google,Opera,Firefox ve Yandex login datalarını çalma -Anlık çalışan...
  14. n9ine

    Black Hat Hack Tools 2022-04-10

    Hack'e yeni başlayanlar için Black Hat Tools lar burada indirmek için vpn açmanız gerekiyor anonfiles.com türkiye için yasaklı olduğundan dolay www.criminalz.org hack forum'u na özel paylaşım yapılmıştır.

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