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  1. Talomir Mirotal

    JabberX hacker's messenger released

    JabberX messenger is the next generation chat. It was conceived as a secure replacement for Skype and Telegram without decrypting messages on the intermediate server, however, version 1.1 was released as artificial intelligence for communication, and a chat with people invite and encryption is...
  2. Talomir Mirotal

    Cyber-rootkit with artificial intelligence CyberCat $15

    And last proposal for now: cybernetic rootkit access window, embedded to my Audio Browser T. Radio-networks based hidden communication channels between infected Windows and Linux machines allows to obtain valuable information about just anything and anybody. Integrated microphones and...
  3. Talomir Mirotal

    Hackers chatbot SISTER-4 speak with you about programming and electronics $9

    Nice, sexy medical-sister will speak with you about hacking, programming and electronics in english language. This chat-bot helps spend time and makes discussions more interesting then in Telegram! Price $9. Download demo From the SISTER-4 webpage: Are you tired or don't want to work for $100...
  4. Talomir Mirotal

    Big collection of hacking and electronics audio-book download

    Good time of day, I announce my big collection of audio-books in mp3 format about hacking, cracking, programming, electronics, artificial intelligence. DOWNLOAD PAGE Download mp3 collection one: programming hacking networks electronics artificial intelligence audio-books ⦓ Download ⦔ 3D...

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