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  1. drake

    NIKE Refund Guide - HIGH Limits Get Free Clothes and Shoes

    -Alright so first you have to order a product from Nike website -> and keep to total order value under 500$ (it can work for more this is just the recommended value) -wait for your package to arrive -after it arrive contact support via chat or call and say your package...
  2. drake

    [Amazon method ✅] Amazon Store Cards Included

    This is my first and actual contribution (Depending on What You Believe Is A Contribution or Not) Hope Everyone Enjoys This. Thank You and Everyone Have A Blessed and Wonderful Day So there are a couple of Amazon Methods I will posting all of them and credits to the respective owners. I do...
  3. drake

    Get Free Stuff From G2A

    After using this for a while for myself with 100% success rate I made it into a simple guide. Okay so first of all here is what you will need: PayPal account in good standing (make sure you have some genuine purchases on it) VPN account (Personally I use nord, you can find plenty of accounts in...
  4. drake

    FTIDNA Method (All Methods) + Limits

    99.99% Success Rate Dont Pay Refunders How to Do FTIDNA: Store - Amount Limit - Item Limit - Country Adidas - $5.000 - 30 items - Worldwide - $15.000 - 5 item - CA - $5.000 - 1 item - anything but not Italy...
  5. drake

    [HQ] How to make money off gift cards ⚡⚡

    ⚡HOW TO MAKE MONEY OFF GIFT CARDS⚡ This method only works if: - You are American - You have an American banking account - You have a debit card - **YOU AREN'T A RETARD"** Step 1: Go on reddit gift card exchange subreddits. r/giftcardexchange r/GCTrading + More, if you can find them...
  6. drake

    [LEAK] PRIVATE Dropshipping Ebook - Make $3000 Monthly on AUTOPILOT

    Cool method to make some cash on autopilot Sales Page:
  7. drake

    New method - ⭐How to get paid proxy free ⭐

    1. Go to 2. Create an account or log in with a Google Account 3. Go to the sidebar and click on "Proxy" 4. Click on IP authentication 5. Copy and Paste your IP Address into the IP Authorization Box and Click Save Changes Button at the Bottom 6. Click on the Proxy tab again...
  8. drake

    [ HQ METHOD ] ⚡ Unlimited Storage of G Drive ⚡ Works Worldwide

    ⚡ This method to get unlimited storage of google drive for free ⚡ tWe will use a third party website. I don’t suggest to keep private and important file using this method. 1. At first for getting google drive unlimited storage for free you need visit a website by clicking...
  9. drake


    HQ Method Thinking Leave a like if this method helped you Hi Community i have found another HQ Method in the same discord server as usual. This was only for the gold+ subscribers so i thought i will post it here for the Community because the last gold+ thread got me like...
  10. jackaL

    ⚡️Roblox Robux Refund Method Infinite Robux Çalışıyor 2022⚡️

    ROBUX METHOD Requirements: -Apple or Android device -Itunes or Google Play money (Enough to buy any robux amount) 1. Buy the robux on your device. 2. Spend them before doing the next step 3.Go to (or report it on Google Play) 4. Sign into your account 5...
  11. CriminaL

    [HQ] DoorDash Method, GET FREE FOOD NOW!

    Show some appreciation for my work Enjoy DoorDash Method 1. You need to have a laptop or a phone both is best use Text Now it works best for me in my opinion there are hundreds of these apps to make you fake numbers so search around for more apps but I personally use these apps. 2. With your...
  12. CriminaL

    [NEW 2022] Get free gaming product best SE method for logitech!

    Things that you will need for a succesful SE: Serial Number (Needed) Denial Letter ( Needed ) Photo Of The Serial Number (Needed) Proof Of Purchase (Needed) Video Of Issue With Ticket number (Depends) Video Of Serial Number With Ticket Number (Depends) Photo Of Serial Number With Ticket Number...
  13. CriminaL

    Get Fress Domains + VPS ✅ UHQ ✅

    So basically, we are going to get a free VPS and domain through the github student developer pack . Get an email which is from your school. If you don't have this, Ask your school's IT department, they can usually provide it. If you aren't successful in the above...
  14. CriminaL

    TikTok + CPA for 40$/day (FOR BEGINNERS)

    Setting up the account Okay, the first thing you gotta do is to choose your niche, for this method I found that giveaways are working best (makeup, iPhone, weed bongs, weed pipes, fitness things, whatever the fuck you want because there is a huge audience for each niche I mentioned). So, create...
  15. CEO

    1Month discord nitro method basically sign up here, downloaded it and log in, in top right corner it should say "Free Discord Nitro"
  16. jackaL

    Azure Bin

    Azure Bin 🔥🔥 Bin : 412436002347xxxx Exp : 01|24 Cvc : 000 Country : Thailand
  17. jackaL


    Working Japenese font pull method 1. Find common japenese first names like haruka 2. translate it to japanese and search it on tiktok 3. when you see a user like haruka8337 in japenese that has the same user as nickname 4. translate 6. check if the mail is registered ex. [email protected]
  18. jackaL

    H&M Refund Method

    1) Stay under $750 and 27 items 2) Wait for delivery. 3) Do EB or PEB (if more safe for you) 4) Instant refund will be issued. 5) They Might ask for pics of EB, send and wait 1/2 days and still sucess
  19. jackaL

    Güncel MARTI Method 2022

  20. n9ine

    Spotify Mavi Tik Alma Metodu Güncel

    Öncelikle bu siteden login kismindan hesabınızı yazip seçiniz yazdıktan Sonra size e-posta ve şifrenizi isteyecektir dolduruktan sonra hesabın sizin olduğunu doğrulamak için kısa sorular soruyor onları cevapladiktan sonra 4 güne mavi tikiniz Gelicektir Arkadaşlar...

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