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  1. RBFrefund

    In Transit/Instant Worldwide Refunds

  2. CriminaL

    UHQ Amazon RFD Method / Up To 5,000$
  3. drake

    How to get free Airpods / Easiest Refund Technique Ever

    Go to Amazon and order some airpods/ airpods pro first MUST be sold AND shipped by amazon itself. Don't buy any shit along with it, just the airpods. 1.You wait for the delivery. 2. When its delivered, wait 1-2 days and enter the Amazon Chat 3. Say Hello to them Amazon Supporter and always call...
  4. drake

    NIKE Refund Guide - HIGH Limits Get Free Clothes and Shoes

    -Alright so first you have to order a product from Nike website -> and keep to total order value under 500$ (it can work for more this is just the recommended value) -wait for your package to arrive -after it arrive contact support via chat or call and say your package...
  5. drake

    Learn how to get free LEGO in 2022 / Make Money

    Go to 1.Join live chat 2.Greet the rep (ask how his/her day is going, etc.) 3.Go on amazon and select a large LEGO set and use this 4.Say you were building it with your son, student's, daughter, etc. 5.Say that one of the bags with the items had melted parts(1st bag...
  6. CriminaL

    [NEW 2022] Get free gaming product best SE method for logitech!

    Things that you will need for a succesful SE: Serial Number (Needed) Denial Letter ( Needed ) Photo Of The Serial Number (Needed) Proof Of Purchase (Needed) Video Of Issue With Ticket number (Depends) Video Of Serial Number With Ticket Number (Depends) Photo Of Serial Number With Ticket Number...
  7. jackaL

    H&M Refund Method

    1) Stay under $750 and 27 items 2) Wait for delivery. 3) Do EB or PEB (if more safe for you) 4) Instant refund will be issued. 5) They Might ask for pics of EB, send and wait 1/2 days and still sucess
  8. jackaL

    [SE] how to get free gift cards | up to $500

    [SE] HOW TO GET FREE GIFT CARDS | UP TO $500 Follow Steps: Step1: Buy the gift card of your choice on with the PayPal payment method. Step2: Get your card code by email. Step3: Use the gift card or sell it. Step4: Launch a dispute on PayPal by saying you received the code but it...
  9. jackaL

    Fake identity - SSN, IDENTITY for se

    FAKE IDENTITY - SSN, IDENTITY FOR SE Goodmorning everyone, here you will find few advices regarding the creation of a full identity for SE. Hope you enjoy and of course let me know what do you think. Cheers IDENTITY So, the whole process is quite simple. It all depends in what you're gonna do...

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