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  1. Fifty-cnt

    RealStresser Com Booter Database Leaked / Bypassing Ddos Scripts + Source

    Hey, I found a way to inject bash commands on I used it to dump the website and the database. They quickly removed my PHP backdoor that I put and "fixed" (disabled) the exploit. Here's what the leak contains: - realstresser.sql : the whole database, passwords are hashed with...
  2. drake

    Stress.City (Stresser) [CRACKED]

    download; Virustotal link
  3. Talomir Mirotal

    Sites stresser on genetic algorythm $15, vulnerable 70% of internet

    Site Penetration Tool (SPT) uses reply delay maximization technique. On first step of the attack it collects hundreds of sites internal URL using recursive site walk. On the second stage of the attack SPT starts to query URL, measure reply time and continuously sort delays by descending order...
  4. plans

    Stresser Code

    Imports System.Net.Sockets Imports System.Net Imports System.Text Imports System.Data Public Class Form1 Sub Flood() Dim newByte As Byte() = New Byte() {} Dim Ip_address As IPAddress Dim Udpuser As New UdpClient Ip_address =...

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