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vps method

  1. CriminaL

    Get Fress Domains + VPS ✅ UHQ ✅

    So basically, we are going to get a free VPS and domain through the github student developer pack https://education.github.com/ . Get an email which is from your school. If you don't have this, Ask your school's IT department, they can usually provide it. If you aren't successful in the above...
  2. jackaL

    RDP and VPS carding method

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RDP & VPS CARDING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sites to card from: telvps.com // 123systems.net 1. Go to fakenamegenerator.com & generate any fake details. 2. Go to k7.net and get a trial online number. 3. Register on the sites above with those fake detials & the number u get from k7.net...
  3. n9ine

    Free Windows VPS Server Method

    Site : https://serverspace.io/services/virtual-server-vds/ Emailnizi yazarak 3 günlük VPS alabiliyorsunuz, saatlik ücret alır vps açık olduğu kadar ücret ödersiniz. İstediğiniz kadar bakiye yükleyip istediğiniz kadar açık tutabilirsiniz deneme amaçlı 3 günlük size sunucu sağlar.
  4. n9ine

    Ücretsiz vps


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