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How To Make Your First Account Checker ✨



step 1: picking a language
for most scenarios Python is going to be the best option. it has good http libraries, lots of learning pre made source code and if done right can be fast enough for most things.
due to the way python is designed you will be limited by the GIL (global interpreter lock) when using the threading package. this means that while your code is running concurrently. it is not parallel (concurrent meaning multiple streams of code, parallel meaning running at the exact same time on 2 seperate cores.)
this means that asyncio will be the better option for python.

Rich (BB code):
async def worker(queue):
    while True:
        account = await queue.get()
            if account == None:
            await check_account(account)

async def start_checker():
    threads = int(await cli.pretty_input('Input number of threads '))
    global accounts
    queue = asyncio.Queue(maxsize=100)
    worker_tasks = []
    for _ in range(threads):
        wt = asyncio.create_task(worker(queue))
    for account in accounts:
        await queue.put(token)
    for _ in range(threads):
        # tell the workers that the work is done
        await queue.put(None)
    await queue.join()
    await asyncio.gather(*worker_tasks)

above is an example of how i would make an asyncio based checker.

also when writing your hits to your file, make sure you use a locker (, or threading.lock), this will make sure you dont get any weird text overwriting bugs or stuff like that (by making it so only 1 thread/stream of code can write to the file at 1 time

i also recommend looking into uvloop which is an asyncio event loop (2-4x faster)
it is however only supported for linux/uvloop so you should check the platform before running the program then pick at runtime.

Python however can be easily decompiled and the source code can be stolen.
  • you can use nuitka to compile python to C then to assembly (you cant recover source code after it has been compiled from C)
  • pick a better language
you may think, okay well how about c#, however this suffers from the same problem as Python, source code is extremely insecure. While c# is technically a compiled language, it is compiled into intermediate language (byte code) which can be reversed with dnspy. obfuscators exist, however these are still only so effective.

In my opinion Go is the best option for making an account checker, i agree when most people say that Go s syntax is quite messy (due to the way errors are handled etc etc) but it still has a lot going for it:
  • very fast
  • compiled into a single binary
  • fairly easy to write and learn
however there is 1 thing i dont like about go and that is the fact that you cant LOAD LIBRARIES AT RUNTIME (kinda bruh moment) but yea for most people this isnt really relevant anyway.

if you want to be super based you can write them in rust (i will personally kiss you if you do this as rust is hot)

oh and also boys, take time to make some cool ass terminal ui's, they go a long way to making the program feel swaggy here are some libraries:
python (this library is pretty meh i dont really recommend but its here if u want it ) :
go (i haevnt used this but it looks really cool (please show cpm in a graph that would be sickkkk):
rust (this lib is reallllly sexy):

this is an implementation of the rust tui library, and one of the coolest terminal uis ive seen (its rly cool, big up chan chan)

heres how to calculate cpm in python:

async def cpm_runner(): global cpm while True: oldchecked = valid + invalid await asyncio.sleep(1) newchecked = invalid + valid cpm = (newchecked - oldchecked) * 60 print('CPM = ' + str(cpm))

it is essentially just seeing how many accounts it has checked in a second then multiplying it by 60 to get cpm

now after writing your checker, you can sell it using something like keyauth.

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