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[LEGAL][UHQ] Win $360 Signup Bonus + $165 Airdrop



This method works all over the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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No need to download !

Hello community 🤑

I want to share with you my list of signup bonuses where you will just have to move money from place A to place B to take back the first deposit and then cash in the bank account the signup bonus. I have also added the list of cryptocurrency airdrops that I got with these sites, which you will inevitably get after a while, because they are not in a draw.

I give you this e-book in text because many people do not want to download to be virus free !

I would like to point out that all the winnings were received on my side, so only the offer can change from time to time and be either more or less advantageous.
So it's all about testing and approval.

What you need :

⦁ A computer or smartphone
⦁ A browser
⦁ An internet connection
⦁ A bank account and an ID Card or Permit ...

The Method :

Do not use brave, tor or adblock for bonuses, download a non-anonymous browser like edge, google chrome or firefox.

Start with those that do not require a minimum deposit and then those that require the least, so that you have invested the least amount of money but simply waited a little longer.

You will be asked for a photo of your ID card, a selfie and a proof of accommodation (a bank account is enough), I advise you to put 5 or 10€ in addition to the minimum deposit for the fees.

Cryptocurrency account : Win in 1 click up to $3000 just with your ID with this link or enter this bonus code when you register: 5HZ2MXCK

Cryptocurrency account : 10% discount on trading fees and plenty of airdrop with coinmarketcap earn ( $20 fast, it's over time ).

Cryptocurrency account : Deposit of €15 minimum in crypto to keep for 30 days = €5 non-US or $25 for US + $15 for all offered

Cryptocurrency account : 25€ deposit and 25€ crypto purchase with the deposit = 10€ + 5€ airdrop + 5€ shares ( after a while )

Cryptocurrency account : $50 minimum deposit = ( $10 referral + $20 offered locked 6 months stacking at 42.38% ) + $10 airdrop + $5 airdrop later. For this enter my referral code 577197.

Cryptocurrency account : 100€ deposit = 9,1€ + Airdrop 120$ ( over time )

Cryptocurrency account : $100 minimum deposit to keep on it for 1 month waiting = $25

Buying shares : minimum €5 and up to €100 with luck for minimum €25 deposit + €30 if you buy for minimum €10 shares.

Online betting : 100€ deposit = ( 10€ + 10€ freebets with my referral link ) + 200€ freebet (bet all on a match of the best team in the league 1 against the worst for example, so 22€ won in addition easy! ) and up to 500€ of poker bets offered under conditions this one.

Don't hesitate to ask me your questions in comments and feel free to tell me in comments or with a blue thumb if you liked this share ! 🤩

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