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[UHQ] [PASSIVE] Earn +$130 and $1/day in passive with the highest paying website



This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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No need to download

Hello the forum
I want to share with you my favorite website to get paid on the internet ! 🤩

I give you " Money Time " in text because many people don't want to download for be virus free !

This tutorial describes precisely every way to make a lot of money while giving great tips !
Just for signing up, it's easy to earn +$4.
And quickly set up the $1/day passive income after, which is fully described with proof of earning.
Plus proof of earning the $130 earned on this site !

I hope it's help you to make a lot of money quickly.
This website continues to offer me the best paid tasks compared to other websites of the same kind !

What you need :

⦁ A computer
⦁ A Browser
⦁ An internet connection
⦁ Paypal or Amazon account etc ...

The Method :

Earn +$130 and $1/day in passive with the highest paying website

Presentation :

The site offers to pay you with videos, walls of offers (including a PTC, again some kind of paid videos), surveys, applications / games to simply download, registrations to sites and by e-mail, etc ... And all that paid in paypal, amazon giftcard, etc... and it's the best paid of all websites like him !!!

Sign-up Bonus :

Through this link you will earn 3$ for 3$ earned in 30 days which is super easy you will see below !
In addition to the 1$ offered for the installation of their chrome extension here.
As soon as you register you will receive 0,06$, by going to the activity tab, you will have to fill in more details of your profile in return for points. If you check your email address by going to your mailbox you will earn for example 0,05$.

Smartphone application :

You can take the site with you wherever you want, allowing you to be more reactive to do as many paid assignments as possible.

Cashback :

The largest e-commerce sites are referenced there. Sites such as Cdiscount or eBay are present. By buying your purchases via the platform, you will benefit from the cashback via the partner sites.
Now they have a cashback for the virtual giftcards !

Surveys :

They allow you to earn an average of 70 points but some have a much higher payout, especially during the gold survey periods, allowing you to double your earnings. This depends on your profile and the selection criteria of the surveys. In the survey section, there is also a side section where you can earn $0.02 for every 10 questions. These questions allow you to sort the surveys that match you or not. Not to mention the daily question worth $0.01.

Download apps :

Earn points by installing apps you can earn 1$ for example by downloading lords Mobile. Or if you have a computer easy 6$ for world of tank, 2$ for enlisted and 2$ for world of warship !

Printable coupons that pay you to save money :

As the title suggests from now on it is also possible to get paid to print vouchers. All of them come out of everyday products in promotion.

Games :

They are offered for free and earn $ depending on our level. There are 3 different games.

Registration on websites and lottery :

By registering on partner sites you can have important gains like with the sign-up for loterry with a e-mail create for ( with GMX ). More than 200$ just for sign-up to crypto wallet and financial app and transfer money or just give your KYC.

Discovery offers and trial periods :

With the trial periods discovery offers, you can get a substantial amount without having to pay a penny. You will also find many games, contests, promotions, brand surveys. Use privacy.com for your security and became anonymous ! Because only 0,01$ on the credit card is necessary !
And discover new jobs with the website Talent all the days, for earn 0,01€ everyday !

Integrated search engine :

Instead of google you are paid to search through the integrated search engine directly on the site. Allowing to earn points in a random way, up to 1$ can be distributed per day.

Find the code :

The codes that are displayed during a given time everywhere on the site, on facebook, twitter. The objective of these codes is to make you visit as many pages as possible and to make sure you stay as long as possible on the site. For you, if you find the code, the objective is to earn money.

Make a lot of passive money with paid videos :

I also earn a lot, about 0,40$/day by leaving in the background the videos shot and the special daily bonus which is added to the one of the site ! For the bonus you have to register through this link.
You have to press "reward" every day and "add" for the daily code that gives money and level !
All you have to do now is to withdraw from the paid streaming application on the site.
Than don't forget to get the sign-up bonus for this other website with my link here !
10 Coins = 0,01$
Just my redeem of a day !

[Image: rogn-hideout-tv-gain-journalier-Copie.png]

Daily goal :

You have to activate it for it to work. You have goals every day, for example if today you make $0.30 you earn $0.03 extra it's a good way to boost your earnings.

Tips :

Install the Toolbar by this link for 1$ for free, use the cashback and the discount coupons and let the videos run in the background on your computer, then do your internet searches directly with their search engine to earn maximum points and enjoy the daily bonus effortlessly and don't forget to answer to the daily survey for 0,01$ and answer to the 10 questions for 0,02$ in the side section, it's very very easy money, like 1$/day in autopilot for simple passive earning !

My proof of earning :

[Image: Preuve-gains-Copie.png]

1 SB = 0,01$ than 13 080 SB = 130,80$, 1 SB is the minimum, incredible for a website like this the 0,01$ is the minimum amount !

Don't hesitate to ask me your questions in comments and feel free to tell me in comments or with a blue thumb if you liked this share ! :cool:

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